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We can get through it..

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Scrolling and reading through the posts here, I realized that I'm still lucky to have the guts to fight my anxiety and mild depression.. It helped me a lot to look into the brighter side of things and hold on no matter what.. It helps me little by little to get through each day and ignore the negativity...(still trying though)

We can do this.. I believe one day we can finally breathe without worries..

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your one of the lucky ones then Nejb....and I'm happy for you that you have had the guts to push through as you say. Some here have depression and anxiety and other mental illness that when untreated just consumes their everyday, and it's a struggle to just get out of bed some days for them. It's a chemical imbalance, it's not their fault, and they certainly would not be suffering this way if they had a choice. I can only share my decades battle with this disease...and there is no cure... it's not a matter of will power to wish it away, it's just chemistry.

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Oh, I'm trying my best and I'm praying for others too.

hi im glad you are being positive in adversity its not guts its just sheer determination to get better and strength of the mind that sees us through.

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Nejb in reply to kenster1

yes, thank you :)

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