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Something that may help...

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I've been having severe ongoing anxiety for the last 6 weeks or so. Have dealt with this issue all my life , but this had been the worst.

After a lot of deep thinking, I asked myself, what are some of the real things that are bothering me? Have been eating at me? For years...

To make a long story short, I reached out to my 2 sisters. And brother, who I've avoided talking to for a long time.

I just opened up, was honest about my feelings, and just said I was sorry for ... well everything...

They were all very surprised, but happy and receptive, that I contacted them.

It doesn't solve everything, but a big weight off my shoulders... a big thing that I feel better about.

We all seem to pull into ourselves, feel like we are alone, sometimes we have to make the first step. It's never to late to say I'm sorry, and want things to be better.

Thanks for your time.

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It felt good didn't it Timmy? Taking care of issues that have weighed us down

over the years can make a big difference in going forward. I'm glad you did. :)

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Timmypliskin in reply to Agora1

Yes very good.

Very emotional, some tears, didn't realize how much I had buried, ....

Good to let go of some of the guilt...


I think that sounds very brave. Confronting major issues can be so hard.... I'm so glad you were able to make peace with them.

Thank you, at least it was a start.

It was very scary, on many levels, just dealing with all the suppressed emotions ...

But a good start

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