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Excited for the Future despite roadblock


So the "roadblock" I'm referring to is about my recent visit to a mental health guidance facility. Seems people who are a danger to others or themselves are highest priority. Thankfully I'm neither but unfortunately the only help they could offer me is in the form of medication which I'm not really comfortable with. That said I've got a few plans in place for other ways to make money short term and I've been thinking about trying to apply for an actual job of some kind too. Despite the setback I'm optimistic.

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You’ve got this :) it’s a big deal to face a hiccup and still be pushing forward. Many places are looking to hire right now (I’m a recruiter) so this is a great time to look.

keep looking for clinics that are pay as you can afford, many have therapists finishing their hours of clinical work and are very good.

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