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Starting Medication


I received great advice and so much love and support on my first post. I’m thankful I found this community.

I’m curious if anybody here is taking (or has taken) Wellbutrin? I’m only about 2 weeks in and it has dramatically improved my depression. My only issue is a couple times a day I get horrible anxiety. That feeling you have when you think you’re going to wreck, like there’s a 20lb weight on my chest. I really don’t want to have to take another medication for anxiety since everything else has been great so far. Has anybody else had these side effects when first starting? Does the anxiety ever go away? I know it’s early so I’m not going to give up yet. I hope somebody is able offer advice on their experiences so I can maybe get some relief.

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Yes sometimes at first, medication can give you more anxiety or depression. That’s totally normal. That’s why doctors always tell us to give it time. That’s great it’s working though!! Wellbutrin is actually meant for depression and anxiety. So give it another week. If you keep getting bad anxiety at that time tell your doctor. Just remember the anxiety is temporary!! It’s just the medication. Hugs 🤗

I keep trying to tell myself that, but the days are going by so slow. I will try to be more patient. It makes me feel better that other people have experienced this and it’s not just something doctors say. Thank you so much for the encouragement. 🤗

Do you work? I don’t so I understand the slow days! And waiting for medication to start working is heart wrenching. But, it sounds like it’s been working so far. On a scale of 1 to 10 how were you feeling prior to taking the Wellbutrin and how about now?

I do have a job, but I’m on short term disability right now because I tore a ligament in my right foot. So it has been torture. I’m used to being able to distract myself somehow but instead I’m here stuck with my thoughts.

1 being horrible and 10 being excellent...

Depression before: 2-3 (Lowest I’ve ever felt, but not at all suicidal)

Depression after: 7-8

Anxiety before: 3

Anxiety after: 5-6 most of the time but sometimes a 2. Actually had the worst anxiety attack of my life a few days ago.

Omg but that’s amazing!! What a difference since you’ve been on the medication. Is anything triggering the anxiety? You might be used to working and being home is boring and believe me, can make you very anxious. Do you live alone? I’m honestly so happy for you that you were in the low numbers and now you’re in the highs. That’s incredible. When you get anxiety, maybe write, get into a tv show, a project or write on here. Always here for you 🤗

Yes it is! I’m so thankful for the improvement on my depression. The improvement on anxiety might have something to do with not having the stress from work since that was the primary source. Lol But I’m going through a devastating break up (discussed in my previous post, it’s a lot to explain 😣) so there’s so many variables which probably explains my ups and downs. I just started living alone a few weeks ago (was living with my ex before), but I’ve been staying with my parents since my crazy anxiety attack. I really appreciate your support. It truly does help a lot.

I get so many side-effects from anti-depressants, which is one reason I'm not currently on them (though this will change). They usually went away in about two weeks. I do not recall anxiety, but this when I was younger and did not understand when I was feeling anxiety.

That’s completely understandable. Sometimes I question if taking the medication route was the right choice. Although, it has been a great help my depression. It’s also an appetite suppressant so losing weight is a plus. I’ll try to tough it out in hopes the anxiety eases up. I hope you find the right medication to help you!

I had at least one round that worked really well. I did stop for my own reasons but I will be starting again soon. I don't know you but I am willing to bet you are doing the right thing.

You're also taking a bit of my approach to thinking positively about side effects. When I got insomnia I was like "well, more hours in the day to do activities!"

That’s great! I hope it works out for you again.

Thank you. It can be really tough, but I’m trying my best to be optimistic.

Lost, I have been on Wellbutrin for about 4 years for depression. It worked good for me in combination with effexor. I got off the effexor due to sexual side effects a year ago, and was just on Wellbutrin. Then my anxiety started to escalate. Slowly the anxiety built up more and more. My doctor says that Wellbutrin is a stimulant (hence people use it to lose weight) so halved my dose. After some life events my anxiety went through the roof.

My doctor says Wellbutrin does nothing for anxiety, so I am doing genetic testing to get the right anxiety med. Hope this helps.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m wondering if my anxiety could be situational since I’m also going through a break up (horrible timing) while my body is adjusting to it. I’ve heard both sides and told to hang in there for the 2-4 weeks it could take to ease up. I guess I’m just paranoid it never will. I was also prescribed Klonopin but told to only use in emergencies of a severe anxiety attack. I’m just hesitant on mixing meds.

My ex takes Klonopin every day for anxiety, in addition to an antidepressant and mood stabilizer. Klonopin is a benzo and common for severe anxiety. I myself have Xanax, which is a benzo, and I take with Wellbutrin.

On a side note, I know what a bad breakup can do, especially if it wasn't your idea. I recommend watching thareapist Craig Kenneth's videos on YouTube. He is fantastic. I recommend his videos on no contact and getting your ex back (if you want that).

I’m worried about the possibility of addiction and withdrawals. I did research and found this is a common issue. I’m worried it will alter my state of mind to where I can’t work. I’m in the oilfield so it’s important to be 100% aware and present. Also, is this an issue with drug tests even though it’s prescribed? Sorry for all of the questions. You’ve just been really helpful so far.

Thank you! I will give his videos a shot. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my idea and was a result of how ugly of a person my anxiety and depression made me. It was definitely my wake up call to get help. I’m confident if I find a way to manage my mental health that we’d be so much happier.

The benzos can be addictive if abused. I only take half of a quarter mg tablet, then the other half if I still need it. For severe anxiety, the Klonopin or Xanax work within a half hour. Used sensibly when needed, Klonopin will help.

As far as the drug tests go, when I worked at Eaton Corp I had to go for one. My manager told me "If you are on any prescription drugs, tell the drug testing place".

On the break-up, I had a horrible one last year. I really loved her. Had bad depression for a month, lost 25 lbs. I worked on myself, stopped contacting her. Craig Kenneth is the best. He has been through breakups. Strongly recommend his videos.

As for me, 7 months after the breakup she called me. Appears the grass isn't always greener. A year after that call, we are still together.

I will keep that in mind to get me through the 2-4 week torture period. Crossing my fingers that the anxiety fades or is at least manageable. 🤞🏼

Okay that makes sense. We get randomly selected for drug & alcohol screenings so I was worried about that.

I feel like I can relate to you so much. 😭 It’s been 3 weeks for me and I’ve lost almost 20lbs. He saw me last weekend and was concerned but I can’t force myself to eat. It just makes me gag. First it was the depression, now the Wellbutrin.

I’d love for my story to have the same ending. I’m so happy for you. Definitely gives me hope. I wish the best for y’all! I’ll definitely look him up to help me through this.

Any time you want to talk, you can feel free to send me a private message. I have been through painful breakups in my life. I like to think I learned a thing or two.


I have taken Wellbutrin twice in my past. I found it to be quite effective in handling depression. Only side effects were dry mouth and libido issues. I use citalopram now, I like that more because it helps with anxiety as well.

Lostbuthopeful in reply to Hidden

The first week I had the worst dry mouth. 😣 I’d wake up multiple times a night to drink water because it would wake me up. Lol Did the Wellbutrin not help your anxiety?

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I didn't have anxiety at the time I took it, just depression. The dry mouth passes in time as your body adjusts to the drug.

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