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bad idea


I have been on medication for the past 5 months and I will admit in the beginning it did do something to help. But now that my body is use to it, i feel exactly the same as i did before the medication. So I have decided not to take my medication anymore even though i know im not suppose to just stop taking it but I refuse to see my psychiatrist anymore because he is a complete jerk. No matter how many times I tell him Im not okay he doesnt seem to care what Im feeling he just writes the prescription and sends me on my way. I am not even in his office for more than 5 mins. I know medication is suppose to help. I've been on it so many times already and I always end up with the same results. So i want to try something new. I want to try a more natural way to better my mental health. How? I have no idea.

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It's gr8 you're posting here- people on here are gr8 and caring as well as understanding!! just have to say though I'm not a dr by any means no training in medicines but I really don't think it's a good idea to just stop a medicine cold turkey!! Be careful ask your Gp at least maybe if you're not comfortable to tell your psychiatrist at least find a dr first u are comfortable with to wean you off or taper you off medicine!!!!

Also it's great you are interested in finding other options!! ☺️👏🌻There are great Drs out there I know that can help in a more wholistic approach I myself and searching lookin into this I have had 1-2 that helped a lot - sadly retired!! So needing a new 1!! Anyone else have helpful resources and advice on this as well??

get a different doctor ,and depending on the meds your may want to google the side effects of stopping cold turkey.....from my own personal experience spending three days with two teacher friends of mine who lost their son that may want to consider the possible real consequences before doing something like that.


Hi bad idea!

I think it’s a very encouraging sign that you are looking into and thinking about helping yourself outside of medication alone! I’m not sure, however, about just stopping your meds without a tapering down regimen! I have several simple tips for my personal recovery that work for me if you’re interested. Message me and I will be glad to share! They’re things that I’m sure you have heard before...I feel like it’s redundant and boring to include here for those that have read my replies before! 😝 Feel free to message me! Wishing you the best!!

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