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Hi, i'm new here.


To tell you the truth i dont know why am i even here.maybe i hope some good advice may be good for me.I am fighting depresion and panic attacks for some years now.It's not always easy to find a reason to get up from bed every morning but i try.I am greatfull for my life,some people don't have that privilage but i wish i could enjoy my life more.Sorry for any grammar mistakes,english are not my first lanuage.

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I know how you feel I’ve spent months like that just pushing myself to get out of bed. But as long as your are trying you are winning. What brings on your panic attacks and depression?

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to answer me. My dad some years ago had a minor heart problem, he is fine now. But every time something health related happens to my family members i just panic. And not big health problems, i mean even a fever or a stomach bug. I know my fear is not logical but i cant help it.

The fears that aren’t logical are the worst I hear anyway my anxiety is more social based really. It makes sense to worry about your family even the little things you just have to find a way to stop it from going straight to panic mode. And you can’t stop it but you can help it and learn to stay at a logical level of worry to fit the situation.

Thanks for the advice. I am trying, little steps and hope for the better.

That’s all we can do just got to keep pushing. I’m around if you ever want to talk

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