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Generalized anxiety, terrible sleep etc.


So this all started from about 2 months ago when after too much partying.. . Cocaine use and alcohol my anxiety really got the best of me and exasperated my underlying issues I’ve kind of forgotten or ignored. 5 or 6 nights I even had anti meds someone gave me and took them for those nights while under influence.

These last two months I had may be a full 5 days or more of good, good days and sleeping decent. Then dropped off again. Maybe the little alcohol I would still ingest, a few beers on one or two nights a week or a half bottle of wine, two nights in a row?

Being that I’ve never had insomnia before or such bad anxiety besides In little patches over the years with one patch lasting months, but with little trouble sleep, maybe this will pass? I got adivan to take for sleep now, during the day I manage my own or use kava. I just wake up on and off just as I drift off.

I hear these episodes can take months to work out. I’m hoping they do, I feel this stems from when I was putting to much into my system and eating poorly, covering the anxiety up. Any reply is appreciated and I can provide more info if necessary. And I can say now I’ve identified I do have a “mental illness”

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Hi there Loid and glad you've found this forum. There are lots and lots of folk who will understand exactly what you've gone through and no doubt you'll hear from them soon. However, although I can't help you with the main points you raise,I can say that you need to keep your local GP advised of how you are struggling and the reasons why. Please also tell him that you are taking some sleep remedies and by being honest he'll be able to put you on and the right path. Members here will agree with me,I hope, that your GP is first port of call and he can refer you onto specialist help etc if deemed necessary. Of course if you can afford private medical care,then I'd imagine it would be a quicker process(not sure if u r in the UK).

Take care and remember to stay on touch.

Loid in reply to SquirrelsHolt

I don’t have a GP. General practitioner? I went to er. I was given 10 1mg adivan to sleep to see if it could kick the anxiety cycle.

I am sorry you are struggling with anxiety and insomnia. Have you ever seen a therapist for your anxiety? Seeking counsel is a good start to feeling better. Trying to find the underlying trigger for the anxiety takes time but is possible. Insomnia can go along with anxiety. Calming our minds and thoughts is one of the hardest things to do. It is good you reached out on this forum and not alone will all understand what your struggles and we are here to love and support you. Please try to see a counselor. This group has counselors ( online that can help direct you to the best counseling for you. Also here is an article ( to help you know more about anxiety. I will be praying for you. Please continue to share. We are here for you. Hugs!

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