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Let’s switch it uppppp!!


Let me tell y’all a little story.

For the past year I worked my butt off for a job only to resign in two weeks, THATS RIGHT I resigned after two weeks because I just knew it wasn’t for me.

After quitting, my anxiety and depression flared since I felt hopeless and powerless. My mind drifted to negative thoughts such as “I’m never going to find another job or have a good career.”

But I’m slowly getting up by giving myself love and positive vibes and letting the universe do its thing.

Anyways point of the story, sometimes things don’t work out and that’s okay but you need to love yourself and trust that things will get better and other doors will open!!!

Have a goodnight everyone!

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great post, glad your able to get that one door closes and another one opens, and move forward in your life, can't find happiness or what you want in life without taking risks. I've mostly been okay with doing that, and gotten better at it the healthier mentally I got.

I think many are afraid to go through that new open door, cause that means uncertainty for them, and many will stay looking at the closed door in regret of what could have been. So it takes courage, and in my case, help sometimes for me to go through that open door because of fear of failure, subconscious self sabotage, not feeling I am worth being happy...but mostly fear of the unknown. Which is hard for people who have fears about tomorrow....anxiety....it's not an easy thing to overcome.

When it comes to fear of the unknown what do we do? ... I sometimes offer the fear up to God if I’m not sure how to let go or go forward with courage just yet and try to just go with the flow letting things play out. Staying in the present moment is good.

Love it! Yes love yourself and trust- I am working on these. Positive vibes I am radiating this morning thank God. Letting the universe do its thing is right in!!! Thanks for posting RaqXo

Hey guys thanks for the feedback. Yeah it’s been hard. I’ve judged myself a lot but I’m trying to stay calm under the uncertainty.

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