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Meds that don't cause weight gain - Is there such a thing?

I suffer from sever anxiety and depression (manifesting often in anger - not fun), and I have tried four types of meds (the main ones that everyone tries) and they all made me gain weight and want to just lay on the couch - Total Zombie. So, now I am 20 pounds heavier, and not happy with my gut. I weened myself off the meds, but now I can tell I need something to help balance the moods. It seems like I can either choose a healthy body, or a healthy mind. I have even tried the natural stuff, and as many of you have probably experienced, they work for a while, but then your body gets used to them and you have to keep taking more and more for any affect. Meditation you say? Mix a little ADD in there and that becomes a challenge. Just wondering if anyone has figured this stuff out. I will take suggestions. (It is nice to have this web page and know there are others out there going through the same stuff)

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So which AD have you tried?

Fluoxetine maybe less likely to cause weight gain, also nortriptyline and bupropion


I'm on lamictal and xanax and I know what you mean when it manifests into anger because I get like along with rage 😤 and wanting to punch someone in the face my job also increases at times I'll come in and depending how the place looks I loose it and hell breaks loose luckily my nurses understand the frustration but they don't really know that I'm diagnosed bipolar depression and anxiety or maybe they do since they are nurses lol but they get me


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