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Health anxiety

Does anyone have health anxiety? I feel that I am so sensitive to anything that happens with my body that I just focus on whatever happened and I start panicking. I also have acid reflux and I've noticed that if I have the symptoms from that like burning in my chest it just starts to spiral. Sometimes it even wakes me up from sleep and I have to take an antacid and an ativan to calm down. Then I try and do some like meditation and deep breathing so I don't freak myself out that I'm having a heart attack. It also sux that I'm the only one awake and it makes me feel alone even though people are here, I don't want to wake them up and bother them.

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I am exactly the same. When i am what I call well i can rationalise anything that is wrong with me and it passes. When i am like i feel now very anxious,tired and down i notice everything in my body and am on a constant high alert. I know that my stomach issues, reflux and generally feeling unwell are all caused by my anxiety so i then move on to something else. I have developed a way of coping and i say that if it it still bad in a week i will visit the doctor. This has worked as normally it passes. Sometimes the panic gets so bad i could literally call an ambulance. It is normally when I am alone, at night and when I am literally exhausted. I dont like to,tell anyone and try to hide it from my children as i dont want them to be affected. Normal life is becoming difficult, i am struggling to,work, drive and be alone. Some days i feel good and think thank god and then the roller coaster begins again. I am hoping that joining this forum might help. I keeps telling myself they are only thoughts they cannot hurt me but I still feel like i am going mad.


I could t have said it better, you said exactly how I feel to the T. I'm just getting frustrated lately because I need to find a new job on top of dealing with my stomach issues and reflux is not fun. Lately I've not been well so everything seems worse but I know it can come and go in waves but it does take a toll on you. I hope you can find some peace within the storm and I joe I can too. 🙏🏼

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