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New feeling

I struggle with anxiety and stress, and have palpations so I knw what those feel like.But now I have felt this wierd feeling in the upper left of chest. It kinda feels like muscle twitches or fluttering, the problem is .Is that it's happening when I'm half asleep, so I'm not really sure how to expain,because I'm half awake and half asleep...I have had a recent cardo.work up recently and all and dr.says besides the "blurps" that shows on the bottom of my ekg all else it ok....I dnt feel it is....anyone else have this with their anxiety? If so how do you talk yourself out of it being heart related? And how to convene myself it's just anxiety???

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I have the same thing, I absolutely hate it! It worry's me. When I get palpations and fluttering, I take deep breaths, repeat to myself (in my head) that "Its anxiety causing this, its just anxiety"... That usually helps me. You're not alone, take it easy :)


The flutters may be your esophagus spasming especially if you have any stomach issues like acid reflux or GERD. It feels like it my be your heart because the esophagus is so close to it. I was diagnosed with GERD a few years ago and that was one of my biggest symptoms! My doctor made me go to a cardiologist just to be on the safe side, but it was my esophagus "fluttering", not really painful, but annoying at times.

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