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Big brother is always watching, to control us, to tell us what to say, what no to say. When did we become, even over the internet a place where freedom of speech and expression is no longer tolerated? it's removed to detach us from what the reality is? If we sensor the problem, how can we ultimately fix it?

I didn't realise this was a place where you couldn't express how you felt, and am met with an email stating my content has been removed. shortly followed by a recommendation to see my doctor.... LIKE THAT'S NOT WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS. I have an appointment tomorrow, it's frustrating going around in circles being told the same thing like it's something I should try exploring - really?. All I require is support, and what I'm going through is real that shouldn't be fluffed up. We are all experiencing similar things.

All this has done is push me over the dam edge.

I'm out of this controlling untrue site.

What a mistake!

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This is a great place to express how you feel... but at the same time we have to be mindful of other members we're not the only one going thru things and some of us get triggered easily by certain posts

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Ok, firstly, I hear where you're coming from. However, everyone is different and we all have various triggers even small ones, if we focused on that, there'd be no content. I'm sorry, it's not reality, and I've been extremely 'mindful' and kind to others throughout. The email I received and the content is not 'mindful' towards myself and isn't justification in my opinion. which is why I won't use this portal.

I can't agree this is a place we can express how we feel, as demonstrated. I'll always help others, but it seems i can't get the support here for myself and being true to what I'm going through.

Apologies if I've hurt anyone with stating what I've personally been challenged with, if you can't handle the words, how do expect me to handle the dam experience.

one repressed goose.

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It's not about not being able to handle the words it's about not being selfish and choose your words wisely since you are not the only one who had to go thru horrible moments..... and i am one of those people who get triggered easily but i still don't report post i just don't read them period. The admins are fair here if a post is removed it's because it NEEDED to be. They're thinking of all of us not just one since they're here for all of us and care about how we might react to things


What did they remove, I thought things would have to be pretty extreme to have them removed.

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I didn't see the removed bit but it sounds like it is because of swearing. Swearing on here is not tolerated and this is HU's rules not the sites. (see the pinned posts). Many people find it offensive and as this site is for everyone whether young, old, different cultures and religions etc. it is not allowed at all

I think it is very possible to express how you feel in words that don't involve swearing? I know I and most others here manage to do it. It doesn't mean you can't express how you feel at all, it just means being considerate of others who might have different views to you.

I hope you stay as I am sure the site can help and support you. Take care. x

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So are you here to stay or are you gone? You say you're leaving, then you say you'll always help others. I want to understand where you're coming from.

It's true we're being "watched" in the sense that this is a moderated forum. Can you imagine if it wasn't? My experience has been that any unmoderated board can descend into chaos no matter how innocently it starts out. Especially here, where strong feelings occur, this place would run wild, and people who are feeling fragile would find it no help at all.

I can tell that your feelings are hurt and that you're offended, but remember that they don't know you personally; all they can see are the words that you write. I hope you'll try to understand why they intervened. You sound like someone who does care about helping people and we need you! And you also sound like someone who needs a place to express yourself. There are ways you can say what you need to without being so raw as to be inconsiderate of those reading who might be in a very suggestible or unstable frame of mind.

I'm glad that you're seeing your doctor and hope you get some relief from the pain you're in right now. And I really do hope you'll reconsider and stick around.


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