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Breathing exercise for anxiety

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I noticed yesterday that there were a few posts about people experiencing palpitations that might have been caused from anxiety or panic attacks.

I had mentioned that breathing exercises might help, so I though I would put up a post that might help people who have not heard of breathing exercises.

This website has a good explanation of what happens when you hyperventilate and some exercises on what to do when that happens.

Getting your breathing back under control does help to get your heart rate back under control as well. So this might help you.

It is really good to practice calming exercises so that when you really do need to use them it is second nature. My first relaxation/meditation exercises that I used was a simple breathing exercise, at the time it was all I could handle because I was forgetting a lot of things and wanted an exercise that I could remember and do if I did not have access to an mp3 player of the internet.

This link is from the NHS in the Uk and only list a simple exercise and doesn't go into the detail of hyperventilation if you are looking for a quick exercise.

If you would like audio version then you can check out youtube of search the internet. If one exercise doesn't appeal to you then try another one. I found that sometimes you will find that the voice may not be relaxing enough for you and that is okay to say that and you and find another version of the same exercise or a different one.

I hope this helps and if you would like me to post some details on the other relaxation exercises I use I would me happy to do so.

Take care and remember it is okay to be good to yourself and look after yourself.

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Thank you for this. I will use this and its helpful!


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