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Coping with Anxiety

Hi, i'm new here. You can call me Dotty. I too have a great deal of anxiety but I know some of it comes from a problem stemming from an operation I had in the past. Now that I am older it's worst because I don't get out enough and I don't get out enough due to lack of funds at the moment. But I believe I am handling my anxiety now to some extent because I've learn to encourage myself. I am a very spiritual person, a Christian and know without a doubt that it has contributed to my managing my anxiety.

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Hi Dotty,

Welcome. It is great that you have something to help you with your management of your anxiety. I don't have the funds either as I had to give up work because of my anxiety and depression. I am now well enough that I am looking for work again, but it is tough going getting interviews.

I don't get out much either. I became a volunteer for a children's charity, this helps me get out and about. I have gained as much as the charity has. So it is a win, win situation. :-D

Take care.


Welcome to the forum Dotty! This place if full of great information and wonderful people as well. I also am a very spiritual person and believe that had helped me ALOT over the years.


Hi Dotty, welcome. I am fairly new here also. Was hoping to find a few people in my age range to communicate about this stuff. I also am a Christian, but I haven't attended church in awhile.


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