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Anxiety in college

My name is Samantha and I am an upcoming junior in college with anxiety. I have always had anxiety from a young age, but recently it has gotten alot worse. My boyfriend and I had a rough last semester and although things have gotten a lot better, I am scared to go back to school with fear that it will happen again. I have a constant tight feeling in my chest, pains in my stomach, andI am always worried or have a nervous feeling that something will happen. My boyfriend keeps telling me things will be different and things will be better and I do believe him because things have been better since, I just can't get past the worried feeling I once had. I connect the bad with school. I am just looking for ways to handle my anxiety and move on from the past.

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Hi Samantha nice to meet you. I was wondering how old you are as you might be better off on a teen site more suited to your age group. There are all sorts of age groups here from 16-90 (well maybe not 90 :) ).


how do i find the teen site?

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Hi try this one. If you are at least 16 then you are allowed on here so stay if you wish. If not have a look in the pinned posts about Underage Users. There are a few teenagers on here who might be able to help as well. The more sources of help the better!



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