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Hello everyone, thank you for having me, I suffer from Social and Chronic Anxiety and Mood Disorder. Most days my anxiety doesn't allow me to want to even speak or socialize with people. I used to avoid crowded public places (malls, parks, stores) because I feel pressure from the sales people asking if "I need assistance" I like to live life with less people asking me questions. Again thank you for having me.

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Welcome! (In a joking manner, go to Walmart where no one offers help.) But really, I get where you're coming from - Is there anyone you do like to be around? For me, I practice saying "no thanks" but still like to be around people otherwise I can get severely depressed. Smaller boutique shops might be a good place to go - small amount of people. Even small stores like General Dollar, Walgreens etc don't have nearly as many people - hoping you have more good days thN bad.

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