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Nuh-uh anxiety. Noooot tooooodaaay

Hey again to my anxiety followers :)

Today is such a good day!! My anxiety is limited lately to my eye twitching and randomly doubting myself. I'm learning to take these symptoms with a grain of salt though! I've learned that anxiety can really mess with your body. It obviously messes with our minds but man my body is having some side effects lately! Lol. The eye twitching happened little by little. And I would obsess over it...and then guess what? It would twitch more. Good times. I'm learning to let it go.. so what if my eye twitches now and then? I've definitely been through worse on this anxiety rollercoaster. And the self doubt- this symptom is also going away but will still pop up at random times! This is also something I let go of when the doubts pass through my mind. I just observe the doubt and let it float away. It's just anxiety talking so I say BYE FELICIA. Oh! I forgot to mention another symptom I have- I'm so sensitive lately and emotional- not every day but I do have them more than before all this anxiety nonsense. I just let it out.. vent, cry, write, etc. whatever I need to do to feel comforted and expressed. But I never let it linger. It's not bad to let it out now and then.. just don't let it control you or more importantly don't fall into self pity. Yes have plenty of compassion for yourself and be nice to yourself through this process (being hard on yourself or judging yourself WILL GIVE ANXIETY POWER) so be nice. :) but again, it's ok to feel these emotions.. sometimes it makes me feel better when I cry it out on occasion. But yeahhhhh.

Hope you readers have hope and faith and believe in yourself because YOU CAN DO IT. No matter how long you've been struggling you can change your habits and you can kick anxiety in the A$$. Baby steps my friend, baby steps.


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i have been the same way for months and i just cant relax


Yeah we have some smart bodies and minds. They remember your "triggers" and different things that make/made you anxious. It's all about changing your reaction to the triggers. You'll probably still have lots of triggers but you must be patient and calm when they happen. Try and observe the feeling but not hold on to it. Don't let it scare, frustrate or knock you down. Your body just wants to make sure you're ok. We've racked up our nerves in the past so know we must change our habits and let them calm down. The more we practice that- the faster anxiety will leave you.

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