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Hi! I have been struggling with stomach issues for 4 years now. They say its IBS which can be triggered by stress. I always freak out when there isn't a bathroom available or when I'm not able to go use one. If anyone has any helpful tips on how to calm myself down before being in one of these situations and in the moment when I start to stress that would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! I have gone through the same but have suffered for 10+ years. I have recently gotten WAY better about anxiety and belly stuff in the last 3 years. Firstly, Imodium therapy. Take one Imodium 1 hour before you go anywhere (make sure to take one 1 hour before eating or two hours after eating to avoid stomach upset) . Secondly, look into LOWFODMAP. As it turns out, I was allergic to weird things like onions and garlic, which would set off my stomach and then that would set off my anxiety. Next, I had to relearn how to reset my anxiety response. I have been in therapy for anxiety for a while and have gotten to the root emotional issue of past stuff and that has relieved belly issues and stress issues. I have started a low dose of anti-anxiety medicine as well which has done WONDERS for me and social settings and panic. And most importantly yoga. Yoga helps regulate the mind/gut relationship, helps to maintain regularity with belly stuff and helps us to be more aware of our bodies and our minds. Breathing techniques and mantras also help in the moment.

I hope this helps. I know the hell youre living through and it does get better!

Love and Light!

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You need to make sure you are not developing enteropathy, also known as "leaky gut". This can be triggered by unsafe/allergenic foods and environmental pollutants. Enteropathy will cause gut dysfunction, meaning you aren't able to digest protein and other essential nutrients. Your average GP doesn't know how to check for this.


I have IBS and it is without a doubt made worse by my stress and anxiety. I just bring Imodium with me everywhere.


Sorry, I do not have anything to offer you. I know I burp a lot, and sometimes I do urgency matters. I use the restroom whenever I can.


I've lived with a difficult stomach for years. Over time I've learned how to manage it. I take a probiotic tablet every morning and eat Greek yogurt for lunch every day. I carry papaya tablets (from the health food store) with me everywhere I go and take as needed. These things work well as long as I don't have severe stress.


I am currently struggling with stomach issues. I can't eat. I want to badly but for some reason my belly always feels super full. I dont know why but its been this way for a little bit.


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