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5-HTP anyone?

I recently started taking some Rhodiola Rosea supplement because it is suppose to energise you bit more than St John's Wort.

I have experienced less anxiety(I usually gather lot of tension in my shoulder during day without noticing, I haven't felt since)from the very beginning and I feel less unbearably tired when I don't get enough sleep, but no energy boost. It seems like it relaxes me.

Some people swear by 5-HTP and I was hoping it would give me bit more alertness and energy? I still feel bit on the verge of lethargy and my doctor app is in two weeks so wanted to hear experiences and maybe try it soon.

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I take 5htp. Been taking it for3 months. It gives me energy. I notice a difference When I skip a day or more. Have you heard of Alfalfa powder? I buy the NOW brand. That helps with energy also. I took 1 tbsp of it in a glass of water daily a few weeks before I started the 5htp. I noticed a difference within an hour! They both have there benefits. 5htp took a couple weeks to kick in.

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I take 5 htp and find it helps. I have also tried GABA. I am going to try the alfalfa also. Where do you get it?

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I just tried Acetyl l-carnitine. It gives me similar boost like caffeine but I can actually sleep and don't get overtired like on coffee. I'm just not very happy with some tension I feel in my head. It's not headache but it is some kind of light pressure, but I don't pay attention much I'm just happy that I found something that holds me during day.

I'll try 5-HTP instead to see whether it is better, I'll also see what the GP says. I was quite sceptical because no one really support these supplements like they acknowledge some other medicines, but the Acetyl l-carnitine was pretty much the way people were describing when it comes to effects.


Well 5-HTP is good for sleep so I found I tend to get up easier and feel more rested but in no way was it uplifting as I hoped, hell it's not speed or something I don't know what was I expecting.

I think my eye was twitching last few days of taking it. It stopped 2-3 days after not taking them, let's see what happens when I get back on them.

I'm back to coffe, next to everything.


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