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Escitalopram/Lexapro after 8 weeks



I’m around 8 weeks now on escitalopram and certainly the depression and anxiety levels have substantially decreased but I do feel I have less energy too. I’m taking 10 mgs in the morning now (I was taking it at lunchtime) to see if it helps getting me going a bit better when I wake up. I have a bit of a ‘can’t be bothered’ mentality and I wondered if this was a normal trade-off for less anxiety/depression. Or is this feeling still part of my body adjusting? I was thinking that by 8 weeks I would have been at the expected maximum benefit - or can it take longer to feel 100% without the negatives. Be pleased to hear your experiences! 😊

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I think it’s the medicine but I am not sure. I have been on Prozac for about 6 weeks. My anxiety has decreased yet I am very unmotivated to do anything...not sure if this is the depression not being healed or if it’s the meds making me not’s a tough call. My main problem before these meds was anxiety ... not depression ... which is why I really believe that it’s the meds making me feel this way.

Hi s l f, I'm glad to hear that you do feel some benefit from being on Lexapro for

8 weeks now. Of course, we all respond differently with any med. I have never

felt lethargic on this med. You've got to remember, it is not a tranquilizer nor

is it a stimulant. The SSRI meds are made to correct the balance in your brain in

giving you a more positive attitude on life. And with that brings calm and peace

and a "life is good feeling". At least for me it did. We cannot just depend on medication alone. Unless your dose has been adjusted during that 8 weeks, you should be just

about where you will be. Talk with doctor. It's important to find a happy medium

that works for you. My best to you. :) xx

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Thanks Agora! Yes certainly do feel calmer. And today is a good day. I’ve booked an appointment with my GP for a few weeks’ time. See how it goes. I do feel that some of this could still be because I’m not fully adjusted yet. Best to you too 😊 xx

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PS Increased dosage from 5 to 10 mgs after 2 weeks

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When I recently increased from 15 to 20mg, it did take 2 weeks for the

adjustment. Give yourself a little more time. By the time you see your doctor

in a few weeks, you may be settled in. Let me know how you are doing then. xx

My dr told me if i wasnt sure what caused those unpleasant sid effects after 2 weeks on escitalopram, to stop it and not take it for 5 days. Then take those 10mg back again.

If the side effects go away then it wasnt tge medicine.

That means i needed an increase in dose. Talk to your dr. Good luck

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