Friend or foe

Before getting on any type of medication. I used to be a frequent user or marijuana. Mostly after work and to help me sleep.

But I stop using as soon as I got on my meds. Of course with all medication it takes time. But sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it? I would be lying if I say I didn't miss smoking. I was a happier person and enjoyed life. There's always temptations but that's something I fight with as well.

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  • that might be better than meds

  • You are the only one that knows your body and what helps and what doesn't. Pot has been clinically proven to help not only anxiety but nausea do to chemo with cancer, stress and a whole list of things. I am not saying start smoking again, but I would do the research, it could really help

  • Yea definitely need to do more research, I always stop smoking because I started to get Paranoid N my heart would race 10x times more. So I know it's finding the right smoke Emdugs1

  • I would say smoking weed is probably better for you than taking some of these meds!!! Only you know,, go with what you think is right

  • Whatever works would be the key to unlock the door to release anxiety. It made me paranoid, that's why i stopped smoking. The relaxing part of it was super.

  • hannah821 yes ! That's exactly what happen i love enjoyed smoking ! But it was like one day to the next I started to get paranoid and would freak out. So that's what made me stop. But I do miss being relaxed

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