Has anyone tried Juicing to help with Anxiety?

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good day. I was curious to see if anyone has tried Juicing raw fruits & veggies to alleviate any symptoms? I've heard really good things about juicing such as balancing hormones, reversing type 2 diabetes and the list goes on. I know they say exercise is beneficial too. I'm trying to dig myself out of this anxious state that I've been living in since November. Unfortunately in order to see a psychiatrist I have a $900 deductible. That's more than my mortgage. Anyway I'm going to try this juicing thing and see if it helps or not.

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  • You should try kratom for anxiety

  • No thanks! I just looked it up and the undesirable effects are not worth it in my opinion. Thanks though ☺

  • You have all different kinds and one for anxiety it will change your life juicing won't help

  • Eating clean and juicing has improved my quality of life tremendously. I no longer consume sugar or anything that's made in a factory ex: cookies, cereal, bread, etc. The only side effect I had in the beginning was a headache from the sugar withdrawal. If you ever get a chance and if you're up to it, you should watch the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Now keep in mind you don't have to be fat. The documentary has a lot of useful information.

  • I needed real drugs. Juicing wouldn't have touched my anxiety. Good luck with that.

  • My sister passed away in October 2014. She was a diabetic for well over 30 yrs she was 72. Years of taking medication for all of her ailments eventually caused damage to her internal organs. I am having issues with my own liver but as of yet I'm not sure how bad it may or may not be. My anxiety was severe and caused me a nervous breakdown. I have been incorporating raw vegetable and fruit juice and I have to admit that it has helped me a lot. The whites of my eyes are very clear and my mental state has improved tremendously. At the end of the day I just want everyone to find the best solution for themselves ☺

  • You should probably talk to your doctor before trying any major diet changes, and DEFINTELY before trying any supplements like kratom, which can be dangerous and addictive for some.

  • Thanks for responding. It was my doctor who suggested dietary changes and exercise. I have been juicing 80% raw veggies and 20% fruit. I feel incredible now I just need to incorporate exercise. I am trying to avoid taking medication as it's hard on the liver and apparently I'm having issues with mine. I have an appointment to see a specialist. Two great supplements that are worth reading up on are Red Raw Maca Root Powder and Wheat grass.

  • I would take juicing and smoothies any day over a pill. We are what we eat. Exercise is extremely important while fighting anxiety and depression. Pills are sometimes needed in addition but why not minimize the need when you can start taking charge and control over your body with diet and exercise.

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