Anxiety how to over come your fears that your not going to die not just yet

Hi a have bad anxiety witch its got to the point a think am going to die all time a start to shack get cold feling througth my body fell like am not in my ouwn body that its weak scared to sleep in case a die also find it hard to get out bed because a no a need to go througth it all again next day all my eyrs fell heavy sore ears and head any help watt to do doctors whant give me medication as it makes my symptoms worse she said it will pass bye

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  • Hi,

    Didn't even read your post. Not necessary. Your title says it all!

    You are NOT going to die just yet :)

    It is a wonderful feeling! You just read your title again and surprise! You just answered your own anxiety ;)

    Apologies for being so blunt and to the point. But sometimes that is all we need to snap some sense and sensibility into us anxiety ridden individuals ;)

    You won't die just yet...why? Because you are reading this. Why? Because there is always another tomorrow and you have just confirmed it :)

    Been there and had those fears. Today was a mess. But so was yesterday...wait a minute, yestday is today? Oh and today is tomorrow!

    Let your fears rest. You've answered your own fears all in your title


  • Thanks its just so scary

  • Have u ever felt like your going to die any min off day

  • Yes I have. And yes I have also wished that it happened.

    Anxiety is a very debilitating thing. I hit a point in my life where I had to conquer all of my fears. The fight or flight happened (almost 4 years ago to the day oddly enough).

    I went homeless. Survival mode kicked in and there simply wasn't much room for anxiety to rule my every thought.

    I pushed myself until the I told the anxiety what to do. It will happen one day to you as well.

    Just remember, you are the one in control :)

  • Its just scary thinking am going to die any min off day a get scared to sleep because off it and scared to get up next day and do it all over again

  • You must try to trick your mind that you are NOT scared. It can and will happen... eventually.

    You will not every minute... because you have answered the message :)

    Little pep talks about how you are still breathing, walking, thinking, etc. All these things will help you move one step closer to owning your fears and them not owning you!


  • Thanks just scary a have doctors ro morrow sogoing to tell her how a fell again

  • Thanks just scary a have doctors ro morrow sogoing to tell her how a fell again

  • Why dose anxiety make u havw these scary thoughts and fears that your going to die

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