Does anyone suffer Constipation? Whats the best treatment?

Hi, I'm always constipated and I've tried eating extra fibre and eating more healthy but nothing seems to work, I saw my GP a couple of days ago and he gave me milk of magnesia and Senna tablets, nothing has worked yet (I'm impatient!) I was just wondering if anyone has found something that works good? I know constipation puts pressure on our already dodgy bladder and a Neurologist told me it can also effect spasticity?



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  • I was plagued by constipation and urgency for years and none of the medics suggested anything except fibre and stimulants which made the urgency disastrous. Finally my GP gave me Ducosate tablets which have made everything so much more normal again. They have actually changed my quality of life and would really recommend them. Hope they help! BW.Deirdre

  • Hi, Thank you for replying, I'll ask my GP for them.

    Thanks again


  • Senna tablets had been recommended to me over 10 years ago following surgery - they can take 'forever' to work when first started, as most herbals do. I've even taken up to 6 a day to find relief, often with horrible gas, sometimes with other horrible consequences. I still take them for lack of another recommendation. I will investigate the Ducosate tabs - I hope they work for me!

    Thanks for asking, Steve - thanks, Deirdre, for your suggestion!


  • For me, adding exercise helps. It doesn't have to be strenuous but getting the body moving and blood circulating also help me.

  • Hi Steve,

    I also have this problem,and my thoughts are that It's most likely other meds causing constipation in the first instance, so, in preference to taking more meds with other side effects I chew on a couple of dried apricots each night before bed. This softens stools and works for me.


  • Hi, Thanks everyone for replying, I appreciate it.

  • Hi Steve,

    As AussieDi says, I think too many medications should be avoided. I am no doctor but I imagine that differents meds could conflict, then you don't really know what's causing the problem.

    I eat quite alot of fibre - all bran for breakfast and dried fruits like figs, dates and prunes, 2 or 3 of each per day. That seems to keep me sorted, but may not work for everyone.

    All the best, Geoff

  • Hi Steve! I have this problem too... What works great for me is a daily supplement of Calcium Citrate + D with Magnesium, exercise and eating lots of fruits and veggies. Good luck to you!

  • Hello again,

    In addition to what I said before I also eat plenty of fruit and veg, and I think that's important too.

    Good luck Steve, Geoff

  • Hi, Thanks for the replies! after reading about the side effects of Baclofen, I've decided to taper myself off them! I think that has made it worse, so I think a good diet will sort it!

    All the best


  • Steven, sorry to hear about this. It is fairly common. I have a different approach. I got myself in a routine using glycerin suppositories. The suppositories generally work for me fairly quickly within 30 minutes. I do the routine every morning and generally this takes care of things for the day. It eliminates the unpredictability of softeners, fibers, or bulk. I started with Dulcolax Suppositories for the first couple of weeks then switched to the glycerin suppositories. All these do is create the movement and does not impact anything else.

    I really like not having to worry about making it to the bathroom when urgency strikes. This allows me to control the when and where more effectively. If a need arises later in the day where I feel like I may need to go again, I simply repeat.

    I don't know the level of Baclofen you take or the times of day. I started taking Baclofen in 1995 and I currently take 80 mg a day. My doctor in 1995 said constipation is a temporary side effect. For me, it was. I just don't want you to give up the anti spastic benefits for the legs, in hopes it fixes the other because AMN can impact it with or without the medication

    I know this is looking at things from the other end but it has helped me out.

  • Hi, Steve,

    I have found a cup of fennel tea works nicely. I grind up raw fennel seeds (about 1 tablespoon) in a mortar and pestle, somewhat roughly (doesn't have to be finely ground; just enough to break open the seeds to release the flavors). I put these into 8 oz hot water and let it sit for a good five minutes. Then pour through a tea sieve and drink it sometime in the evening, after dinner. If I really feels like I'm having problems, I will drink this 3 times a day to get things moving. For regularity, once in the evening after dinner, before bed.

  • Hi Steve,

    I know this is an old post but hope you still pick up my rely. I had the same problem and nothing seemed to sort it.

    I've now been using peristeen trans anal irrigation (Pumping water up your arse) for 6 months. It may seem extreme but it really does work and is quite easy once you get used to it. And there's no permanent effect of using it so if it's not for you you haven't lost anything. I use it every other day and don't have any problems in that department now.



  • Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply, I hope you are doing ok? For a while now I have been eating branflakes everyday for breakfast and that has helped! I'm not sure if I fancy the peristeen though?

    All the best


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