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Anabolic steroids?

I was curios if anyone has tried anabolic steroids, not to the extreme like a bodybuilder, but a mild dosage. I have a lot of trouble walking since my legs are becoming so weak and skinny. Years ago I was using primobolan and had some great results. It is easier for me to workout my legs then it is to walk. I've done a lot of research and it seems like a fairly harmless drug and is used in European countries but is illegal here in the states. I'm by no means advocating the use of this drug to maintain or gain some leg strength. I'm just curious if anyone has any input on the subject.

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Hi Deengo,

I think it would be a bad idea to use Steroids, you would be better off using Protein shakes or Protein bars, even using steroids muscle won't build unless you have protein! I train regular with weights for my upper body and I use a cross trainer as it uses your arms aswell as legs and I find that I can swap the resistance from legs to arms when they get tired.

All the best



It is not the muscles that get week it is a signal to the muscles that fail. Having big muscles in your legs won't help you walk restoring the signal to those muscles will. Your leg muscles are getting thinner because of lack of use, my suggestion wouldbe to try and use them more. Steroids no matter what amounts do more harm than good to a body in most cases. Also for steroids to work you have to use the muscle that you are intending on building up.


Deengo, I am bumping your 2 Year old thread.

I seriously considered Anabolic Steroids.  I know where to buy them.  But I can find zero evidence for their efficacy in our situation.  Very harmful in the long run as well.

But, what it led me to was Peptides.  The bodybuilding community use a lot of Peptides, legal, effectife, safe???

Safe?  Well, these are sold as "research chemicals".  Tangentially but related, I've been taking 4-AP-3-MeOH (a research chemical) for nigh on a year now.

Random Peptide site

Random Peptide

IGF-1 lr3 the Anabolic Powerhouse

True, the signals are not getting through to the legs, that is the problem.  This leads to atrophy of the muscles.  

But, with 4-AP-3-MeOH, I can move, balance, exercise a far lot better, I can do leg squats, walk better, use my leg muscles a lot better.  Any way I could build the muscles can only add to leg strength.

The trouble is, a lot of these Peptides have to be injected.

Like most people, I'm terrified of injecting myself.  But, I have diabetic friends who do it without any care or concern.  I've known junkies who daily inject Heroin/Cocaine/crushed up pills.

A lot of bodybuilders are used to injecting good knows what as well.

You see where I am going with this.

Some Peptides are orally active, drop them onto your tongue

One nootropic I take is Noopept.  An orally available Peptide.

A lot of bodybuilders take it.

Promotes the release of NGF and BDNGF

"neuronal restoration"  that's a big thing when you have brain lesions.

A lot of these Peptides are similar to Human Growth Hormone and Steroids.  I've read that they are much harder to detect in athletic doping.  I'm sure a lot of professional sports people who take drugs take them.

Moving on from muscles to remyelination, some Peptides can be administered via a transdermal patch.


This Peptide, Thymosin Beta 4 ( TB-500 ), you can buy.  


I'm looking into fashioning my own transdermal patch.

There is a huge anti-ageing movement that use peptides as well, doubtful I'll live forever.

Anyway, I'm seriously looking into Peptides.  I'll post more later.


A lot of people are under the misconception that because the nerves are not functioning properly you can not strengthen the muscles and it's sad that people think that way. If you can move your foot obviously the nerves to those muscles are working albeit not to the best of their ability in most of our cases. If the muscle is working it CAN be strengthened. The problem people get into is it is difficult so they don't try or just give up. This is part of the problem with people prematurely putting themselves into a wheelchair or scooter.. they give up before they have to. Keeping the muscles strong helps tremendously with everything until the point of no return where there nerves aren't functioning at all. 



For three years now, I've travelled everywhere on an adult-sized kick scooter

Funky old man.  It's great, fast, can take it on the train, gave me so much more range in me daily life.

But, I can only walk shorter distances these days, and my balance is worse.  I only realised this recently. Though, my legs are in great physical shape, kicking that scooter is hard work and I travel miles at a stretch on it.

I'm going to start walking with my forearm crutches and doing more serious leg exercises in the house.  That and Yoga (which I stop and start on for a decade).

The amazing thing about 4-AP/4-AP-3-MeOH is you may not have walked decently for years, then suddenly you can use muscles below your waist that you forgot were even there.

I like to stand on the train, holding nothing and just balance as the train lurches about.  Quite a challenge for me but doubtless easy for our "normal" brethren.

A store I used to visit had a vibration table in their sports department.  I used to love standing on that thing and vibrating my legs. That was when I had shocking Varicose Veins and my spasticity was through the roof.  When I dismounted the thing, the relief was fantastic, albeit much too brief.

A lot of different muscles get a workout on that thing, that and TENS/EMS to get deep into your muscles, throw in some drugs and some decent leg exercises on top

Very little research on this, but you'll see Mr Monkeybus is once again ahead of the curve.

You only have to look at Christopher Reeve, he made amazing progress (though, being a multi-millionaire must have helped somewhat).

When I was 19, I was a care worker, I helped quadraplegic people.  Some had limited movement in their arms or legs, but having a care worker in the house 24hrs a day, if they wanted the TV channel changed they'd call you in to push a button on the remote instead of moving their own arm.  Eventually they lost that limited movement that they had.

Like Kings and Queens of old had people to dress them.  They couldn't dress themselves.  I've read (and believe) Prince Charles has his toothpaste squeezed onto his brush for him.  

Try writing with your left hand (if you are right-handed), but some people have to.  In my time over in Japan, I still never managed to write the simplest Japanese scripts, Katakana and Hiragana.

Have a go on those, then compare yourself to a Japanese 5 year old child.  It is a fact that writing with your opposite hand actually changes your brain, as does learning a foreign language, one way to ward off Alzheimer's.  Brain plasticity is a real thing.

I'd like to think a decent, active, pliable brain is more able to combat lesions than one that watches TV and reads books/listens to music all day (that's me).

I'm convinced its a whole 




nerve conduction



muscle condition

thing (my attempt at ASCII graphics).

Each stage of the circuit needs exercise/medication/supplementation/electrical-stimulation/variation.

But the signals go both ways for balance and co-ordination, that's why 4-AP is essential (for me).

I'm going cold turkey on 4-AP-3-MeOH this weekend, just so I get a bigger hit from it next week.

Anyone else take holidays from their drugs?


Is the 4-ap the same as Ampyra? I was taking Ampyra for awhile and it really helped with my walking. I stopped taking it because it made my legs so weak. Now that my legs are getting stronger I'm going to start taking it again and see how I do. 

I've been doing a squat type exersice at home and it amazing how much stronger and bigger my legs are compared to a couple years ago. 

Basically I have a pull-up bar and stand on a chair. I squat down and stand up, just like you would with a squat bar. I use the pull-up bar to help myself stand up. When I first started it felt like I was in the gym squatting hundreds of pounds again. My first day I did 6 reps and used about 80% pull-up. I can do sets of 15 now and maybe 5-10% if it is a pull-up. 

It's so important to not give up like I did at one time (I think it was a whole change if life depression thing) 

Here in Arizona everybody wears shorts and I notice a lot of healthy guys with skinnier legs than mine now. Granted their legs work better but I feel better about it with all the effort I've been putting in. I too and one point was using forearm crutches. One day I'll probably be in a wheelchair for long outings but I'm okay with that.


4-Aminopyridine, same chemical. 4-AP-3-MeOH is far superior (in my opinion). Not cheap like 4-AP

I'm with you on the exercises. Squats, balance, cycling, Yoga.  My leg muscles, I have built back up, especially my right leg which was seriously atrophied.  Did a lot of TENS/EMS as well.  That feels great.  Going to buy a walking machine thing for the house.

There are a lot of different muscles to hit, really need to speak with a physiotherapist.

Another good thing is walking in water, I used to go to the pool a lot with my son.  Not so now he is older.

We should add to this thread.

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I've never seen a machine like that. I like the full elliptical machines but I think I might get one of those


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