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FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) on both legs!!! any tips?

Went back to Odstock Hosp,Salisbury yesterday to review wearing FES on right leg since 4 Dec. Getting on ok but shows left left more obviously dragging now so ended up with FES on left leg also. Went for 2 seperate control boxes on waist and what an improvement in walking, so much easier. Went walking in snow today as had to try and was really pleased. However drawback is all the wires, one leg was ok but now two will take some getting used to. Anyone else wearing on both legs and have any tips or advice.

Once weather improves want to try knee control boxes but difficult wearing jeans at present so sticking with waist controls to get used to.

Don't think Bioness would work on 2 legs?

Many thanks Sue

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Hi Sue

Why did they give you 2 control boxes? I have 1 control box for both legs. I haven't tried the knee boxes as I can't face having to bend to turn them on/off. I can control the box blindfolded now and just feel as to what I want to do whether it is to adjust the strength or turn it on/off. If you are bothered about the boxes attaching to your waist band I have a pouch that goes over my shoulder and under my clothes that it sits in.

I am glad that you can walk better though. My husband wants to take me out for a walk in the snow on Sunday as I used to love taking photographs.

All the best



Excuse me for asking but how did you both get to know about FES as none of the health professinals I see have ever mentioned this to me, it sounds like this would be very helpful to me, how would I go about finding out more? Thanks


There are other hospitals now offering this service and some MS centres but living where you are I would definitely go to Salisbury. We often stay at my parents in law in Ferndown when we are going there. I was referred via my hospitals pain clinic but you can also go via your GP. Salisbury is the main centre and very helpful.


Hi Cherie, was offered one control box but was larger and had only just got used to normal box so felt would stick with 2 until I get used to it more. Wasn't sure about the larger box but had thought about a bum bag or such to put them in, will see how I go!! Ta.

G1psy - physio recommended FES and is only stocked at Salisbury Odstock Hospital I believe. You can go online and get a leaflet sent to you outlining the benefits. You can go privately which is quite expensive and the device is only on loan to you. Otherwise your doctor would put a case forward to your local PCT for funding. I had to pay for an assessment of £140 to see if it was going to help, money well spent.

Good luck.


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