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Air compression leg machine


So after much research I finally pulled the trigger and bought this product. Now I’m not trying to pitch any one brand I just went with the one I found to be the most cost effective. All I can say is why did I not find this sooner. The machine has been used by physical therapists and athletes with great success. I used my unit las night for the first time and had great success with it. I’ll link some video on what the system does and how it works. What I like best is that it’s not a new med but instead it’s a very effective form of home therapy. It definitely gave my wobbly legs a rejuvenated boost! Just throwing it all out there. Anything and everything that can help is my modo. Hope you to will find this helpful. Cheers! Be well!

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Excellent. I didn't know they even existed.

What's it good for? Pain? Spasms? I'm prepared to give it a go.

Seifert_09 in reply to monkeybus

All of the above. 😃

Seifert_09 in reply to monkeybus

Plus it helped to make my legs feel a bit more sturdy .

Please keep us posted on this and how they're working for you!!!!

Will do

Hi Seifert09, how's the air compression machine been working for you? Would love to hear more.

Things are going well. I use them when I’m having those days that the legs are more sore and cramping. I like the quick relief they provide. All in all I’m having great success with them. Hope you can try them. Be well !

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