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Caffeine for Neuropathy Pain?

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In one of my never ending quests to find relief for my daytime fatigue I may have stumbled upon a solution for one of my other never ending quests to provide relief for the neuropathy pain in my feet and legs! My wife suggested I try some caffeine supplements to get more energy to battle my fatigue so I started taking Vivarin twice a day. What I noticed was I was able to stand on my feet longer, walk a little further and move my toes a little more with less burning pain. My pain level went from about an 8/10 to 5/10. So after a quick google search I found a lot of information between caffeine and pain management. Not sure the long term effects/dangers of the caffeine supplements but I’ll take the pain relief and increased energy for now and wanted to share.

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Hello Tim,Thank you for this information! For myself I am in Canada and they legalized marijuana and I have been using a product called Rick Simpson Oil or Phoenix Tears. It is a high THC product and I don't use it for the high feeling as I don't like that, but I was using it for nighttime neuropathy mainly and then it helped sleep and that was a major problem due to the bedtime cold wind or cold water on my calves, ankles and feet. The true benefit came with the increased sleep thanks to the RSO and I find if I can and do let myself sleep late, which usually is 10 am or so before I get up. I used to have to stop on my commute pretty well every day for a nap each way and now I don't feel that extreme fatigue and don't have the ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime during the day. There has been another side benefit to the RSO as well and that has been sexually and I have talked about that before here so I won't go into it again, but it has been positive.

Be well Tim and thank you again.

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California here. I checked Weedmaps and cannot find either item much to my dismay. Caffeine usage is no problem for me and I used this to treat fatigue. No effect on severe burning neuropathy. THC edibles only takes too long but works. Looking into tinctures. Will not smoke and more products are needed for medical usage and not just recreational (Nothing wrong with that, though.)

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Funny enough I started with a prescription version first off but didn't like the feeling so didn't really use it, but then found the recreational much cheaper and more effective. So it depends on a lot of factors if it works for you, just like most medications.

RSO has been around awhile but many make their own as it’s used as a 3 month med for cancer. Rick Simpson’s story is pretty amazing. I’m just wondering if it could be used in suppository molds and inserted in order to bypass the stomach so you wouldn’t get high. I’ve tried a high CBD cannabis strain with a high CBD:THC ratio this way, but the THC level wasn’t high enough for relief of neuropathy pain we suffer from. Please read about Rick.

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