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AMN Study for Future Trial

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Hey Everyone!

ALD Connect is working with a company for a future clinical trial for AMN. They need about 15 more participants living in the United States to finalize the data to progress. If you haven't already done so, it would be awesome if you can take the time to fill out the survey. Here is the link:




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Well that’s unfortunate. The only option for the survey is if you live in the United States.

Yes I just added that to the post, thank you!

Shucks, AMN with cerebral onset ALD is probably not a qualifier. I'll be back on Min-102 next Friday after my assessment. Waiting for MRI result with Lowes score. Pack mule here I come!

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KennyInPA in reply to SongStream

Will be rooting for you SS!

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Kranal in reply to SongStream

Our thoughts are with you SongStream - all the way from South Lanarkshire. Good luck.

Fingers crossed for good news!

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B2-555 in reply to SongStream

How did you get Min-102 ?

I have already finished filling the survey.

I get an error when I click on the link.

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COwithAMNAdministrator in reply to Coslet

May I suggest you try a different browser? It works on Chrome which I am using.

Just tried on Chrome. “400 bad request”

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