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AMN Symptomatic Men Community Support Call

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Tuesday, April 30th, 8pm ET/7pm CT:

Symptomatic Men

Facilitated by Brian Chandler

Register here: events.r20.constantcontact....

Recognizing that many in our community may identify with several of these groups, we encourage you to dial into as many different calls as you would like. Registration is preferred but not required.

To join a call, use the toll-free dial-in number for your area below:

USA (877) 495-8204

Australia (18) 0005 3310

Netherlands (0800) 022-7957

New Zealand (0800) 443-475

Sweden (020) 791-231

United Kingdom (080) 8234-7195

Then enter our conference code, which is 483-063-7321.

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Yes, yes, yes! Thanks so much for posting this, Steve. I am going to do my damndest to be sure I make it onto this call, as opposed to missing it like I did last month. Hope to hear you on there, as well, buddy.

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Equinney in reply to Aaron98

Yes! You need to make it on. Set an alarm,calendar, whatever you gotta do.

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SongStream in reply to Aaron98

I'm a neurotic with reminders. I set up an e-mail reminder the day before and the day of on my calendar. My digital equivalent of Post-its! : )

See how neurotic I am? I'm replying to my own post!

"Neverthemind", have your Amazon Echo, google, Siri devices remind you in advance. Just imagine your entire house becoming alive and blaring with the announced reminder of our call!

I will try to make this one as well! The last one I caught the tail end of it and it was very informative.

Hi, I am a woman, not eligible for your call. Do you know how I can contact anyone dealing with AMN women with active symptoms? I am in Toronto, Canada. Thanks. Good luck for the fellows.

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Equinney in reply to nan17

Nan17 there is a call tonight for symptomatic women. If you will message me your email I will forward the info to you

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Equinney in reply to nan17

Was able to copy and paste in your message! Hope you can make it!

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COwithAMNAdministrator in reply to nan17

There's a lady called tropicalflower on here who started a thread looking for Canadians with AMN. Scro down and you will see this thread.

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nan17 in reply to COwithAMN

Hi, Thanks! Such good news ;-). I don't know how to scroll down to find her, but I would love to contact her. Can you be more specific about how I can find tropical flower? Nan

Hi nan17,

Here's the link to find other fellow Canadians:

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COwithAMNAdministrator in reply to SongStream

Thanks! That's it.

Just a reminder that this call is happening tomorrow! I hope to hear many of you on it!

Thanks Aaron, I just registered!