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Adrenomyeloneuropathy and adolescence

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Why do men with adrenomyeloneuropathy begin to go bald in adolescence, and in childhood their hair is thin?

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The VLCFA’s attack the hair follicles!

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Aaron98 in reply to StevenSims

Is this documented anywhere? I'd be very interested to read this in a study. I've always had thin hair (though not balding). I never realized this could be due to VLCFAs. Fascinating.

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StevenSims in reply to Aaron98

Hi see these links:

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Intensor in reply to StevenSims

Thank you, Steve.

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It's not universally true that AMN go bald. I am an example of the opposite case. Good hair at the age of 77.

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SongStream in reply to COwithAMN

I didn't start to lose hair until around 47 in just one small area. I shaved it all off at the suggestion of a friend. Eventually, I let it grow back and with the right hair products and blower, it works well. Some guys look great but my head disagreed. At a ULF conference, a woman was researching hair loss and fine hair with AMN guys and we gave blood samples since the hair gene is close to the AMN gene. Don't know what ever happened to the results. But I do have hair envy.

I started thinning in my preteens. I had oily skin so the thin hair stuck to my head and I was routinely asked if I had cancer. It is a miracle I didn’t have serious depression issues. Maybe I did. The best decision I made was at 26 shaving my head. I wish I would have done it sooner. A shaved head is a decision and a choice. Gives you a sense of control. Kind of nice sometimes with our conditions.

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On an interesting note, I was a blonde when I started shaving. When my hair grows out a few days before shaving it’s jet black.

When I was a teenager, I was kind of bald on my top part of my head. Recently, I lose some of my hair when I scrub my hair with shampoo. It is probably my hair thinning.