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Endocrinology information

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I was just tidying up my browser tabs - when they get to be more than about 20, I feel the need!

I came across this web site which I have consulted a few times to learn more about endocrinology and adrenal issues.

All very useful and well worded for patients, young people and scientists/medical people.

It says "The Society for Endocrinology is a UK-based learned society representing a global community of doctors, scientists and nurses who work with hormones. "


I was pleased to see that under the causes of Addison's disease, that adrenoleukodystrophy is listed. Alex TLC is also listed as a support organisation.


A good resource for understanding adrenals issues.


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Thank you! Is there a way we can bookmark pertinent posts and have them available to us? Using the search field yields too many results and I end up emailing myself the link.

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COwithAMNAdministrator in reply to SongStream

There is no bookmarking facility. However, individual posts can be pinned, but only I as the administrator can do the pinning. I have pinned the post and you can see it on the RHS of your screen. I am happy to pin anything that any member wishes - just send me a message.

Good suggestion - we should have been using it before.

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SongStream in reply to COwithAMN

Thank you Chris!

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