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Axonal Regeneration

Axonal Regeneration

This is good.

I posted a while back about tauroursodexychloic acid slowing/stopping axonal degeneration.

Try this:

A foray into plant biology led one researcher to discover that a natural molecule can repair axons, the thread-like projections that carry electrical signals between cells. Axonal damage is the major culprit underlying disability in conditions such as spinal cord injury and stroke.

Here is the link:

Fusicoccin-A is the name of the molecule.

2017, this is all dated.

So there you have it axonal regeneration.

"Axons growing like weeds"

“We have identified a novel strategy to promote axon regeneration with a family of small molecules that may be excellent candidates for future drug development,” says Fournier. “This is an exciting advance because the field has struggled to find treatments and identify targets for drugs that stimulate axon repair.”

We are living in interesting times, what with Crispr and all. I just wish they'd get a move on and cure us.

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