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I was sick and tired of lumbering about on the crutches I bought from Amazon.

And I bought mid-range, moulded hand grips, etc.

But, every step, the pressure on my wrists as I pushed down on the hand grips, and the grips are smooth, so on a hot day, extremely sweaty.

Just stock, aluminium tubes with bits of plastic bolted on as an afterthought. No consideration given to their actual function, nor indeed styling.

I used to dread walking any distance in them, they were only good for balance, nothing more.

Frankly, they were crap.

So, I bought these:

The Ergobaum Royal.

Dual shock-absorbers, padded, adjustable hand grips, padded cuffs, angled forearm-rest-thing, headlights, warning horn (overkill, with the lights and horn, maybe).

Like crutches designed by a committee of crutch-users, every idea thrown in.

Used by the king of Spain, THE KING OF SPAIN!! They must be good.

I've only just received them, but I'm happy so far.

What kind of crutches are you all using?

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I use crutches downstairs, a walking frame upstairs and a wheelchair outside. I know what you mean about crutches! I like the look of those you are using, particularly the bits on the base and the way you can angle the hand rest. Hope they work long term for you!

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Wow! What a great pair of crutches! Although I'm in a wheelchair now, I do occasionally go back to my crutches when I need to. From your description of the ones you got on Amazon - those are the ones I used for years and still have! I went to the site for the Ergoactives and checked these out. Lots of bells and whistles! These appear to be well thought out and have the safety features and stability to take you anywhere! How is the fold-down feature? Does it stabilize well once back in the straight position? I think the light feature is great, too, for walking in areas that aren't well-lit or uneven.

Thanks for posting these! May be worth getting a pair even if I walk rarely ... the stability is worth it!

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I still have fairly good mobility, especially compared to a lot of the members of this community. Of course, I'm probably among the youngest of us, too. That being said, I've never used crutches, and only fairly recently got a cane. In the past two months, I've used it a few times, on the days when I have experienced more balance issues or greater pain.

These ergonomic crutches look legit. It's exciting that options like this exist, and personally, I don't think any of the features are overkill. Why shouldn't crutch users be able to "have it all"?


Monkey, being across the pond, at first glance I thought the pic you attached were assault rifles! But I digress.

These look comfortable, sturdy and looks like they provide good wrist support. I have yet used crutches (because I'm always clutching something), but certainly these would be the ones I'd try.

I use a collapsible cane and have a 3-legged cane (albeit awkward) that I use which has a seat that unfolds which provides rest for certain occasions.

Thanks for posting.

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I went from a cane directly to a wheelchair. I have a Ti-Lite ultralight and love. I live the freedoms it affords me. Still use the cane to get up and move short distances it any other distances I use the chair.


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