Hello everybody.

Me, 52, AMN, trerible spasticity, spasms.

That's me, first post and please forgive my English.

Does anyone have any idea where I can ordder Modafinil? My fatigue is awful, very bad.

Any help is thanked.

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We should have this on sticky.

I'm sure other vendors are available. Never let me down (unlike most of my doctors).

Also, welcome to our club, Shaazam321.

Any questions, just ask.



Thankyou Monkey! Is it safe to order? I mean with credit card?


shaazam321 , I can honestly say I've had no problems paying with credit card.

I used to go to the trouble of buying with Bitcoins, then I used to use a pre-pay credit card, then I used Skrill.

I gave up in the end and just use my Visa.

Safe enough for me. I read reports online about other Modafinil companies disappearing with credit card numbers but like I've posted before mod4all answers my emails quick enough (except when he is in hospital).

So far, so good.

Which country are you in?


I second that. I've ordered 4-AP using credit card. Delivery and email response is fast.


I think it's harder here in the states without a prescription. My neurologist hasn't prescribed it yet so I drive down to Mexico and picked some up


My neurologist won't write a prescription for modafinil because he don't think it will help against fatigue.

I have found a doctor that will give me a prescription next week because I'm sure it will work after everything I have read in this forum. This doctor is a friend's dad and will give me everything I want but he don't know much regarding modafinil. It says 200mg is the normal dose but it's ok to take up to 400mg. When do you guy's take it and which dose?


When I was working, the fatigue would be horrendous. I'd do 2-300 mg per day, every day, for 2 years.

Now I'm unemployed, 100 mg does me all day. Can't beat sitting about the house.

@Allder, what kind of neurologist is it that doesn't know Modafinil is a Grade A psychostimulant? Even the US military use it. "Go pills", that's their term for them.

Bought some Armodafinil from mod4all. Modafinil 2.0

Good luck getting prescribed that.


I did get my prescription and today i will take100mg for the first time. See if I feel any difference, will take 100mg 1week and then probebly going up to 200mg/day. I have been waiting for this medication for over 6 months so really hope it make a difference.


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