Neurotrophic Nerve Pain

Does anyone have a suggestion for Lyrica? I would love to be able to take something over the counter. Thank you for any help or suggestions!

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As ever, mod4all sells Lyrica and Gabapentin.

I used to hate Lyrica and Gabapentin, but once you get over the stoned/drunk/off-your-head phase, they are great.

Good for spasticity/pain, and I rate them as the No #1 anti-spasm med. Absolutely bar none.

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I take Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAC and Resveratrol. All seem to have helped reduce my neuropathy in my calves and feet.

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Hi Sdlizlem, that is encouraging to hear that these natural supplements have helped reduce the neuropathy in your calves and feet. I have the same problem. Can you tell me what dose you take of each supplement? How long did you take these before you noticed an improvement?

I have been taking a few new supplements for 2-6 months but have not noticed an improvement. I am on a product called Nerve Renew and it contains Alpha Lipoic Acid. I am also taking Padma Basic and Shark Liver Oil, both are recommended for MS.

I am in a high level of pain all the time. It sure would be nice to find something natural that would reduce the pain.

Thanks for the info.


NAC (n-acetyl-l-cysteine) 600 mg capsules 2X daily brand Pure Encapsulations

Controlled-Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid 600 mg 2X daily brand ALAmax CR

Resveratrol 500 mg 2X daily brand Vital Nutrients

Expensive stuff but my pain went from (on scale of 1-10) a 9 in August to now anywhere from a 3-7 on a pain scale. But most days are pretty good. I also have adopted a 70% Wahl's Protocol diet, meaning I only stick to it 70% of the time. I take a total of 10 supplements a day and includes 10 iu of Vitamin D, Fish Oil and Vitamin B12 to help with energy level.


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