Vitamin D news

Vitamin D news

This same newspaper wrote yesterday how vitamin supplements only produce expensive urine.

But, here we go, Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, deficiencies linked to MS onset and a clinical trial to test it's efficacy for our young comrades with ALD.

I've posted about this vitamin before as have others. We should all investigate the benefit of vitamin supplementation for our disease.

Adding vitamin D to food reduces deaths, say scientists

Eat up your vitamins, boys and girls.

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  • Have you seen that the medicine MD1007 that still is in phase III plans to hit the market in November this year in Europe. That is as you for sure know also for MS but also for AMN. It contains x10 000 Vitamin B7 (biotin) that you can get through food. It sounds promising for us with AMN, for those with MS it only help 13% of the patients. There is no go to market plan at all for US yet. But they think it's such a promising medicine so they received 35M$ to speed up process there as well.

    I'm really excited about this. In August they will show the result how good it really is for AMN patients.

  • Allder, I take the same strength Biotin as in the study 3 times per day.

    Maybe I am wrong, but the MD1007 is just plain old Biotin. A lot of us here and in the MS community are taking it. I started about 7 months ago, then i forgot all about it (I never forget my 4-AP or Modafinil, for obvious reasons).

    I started back on the Biotin last month.

  • Really don't know exactly what is in the MD1003, biotin is for sure. But find it hard to see why US would invest 35M$ to get it there if biotin was the only thing in it.

    But perhaps you right. I will see my neurologist in a week, will check what he knows about it.


    Here is the patent. It is a dull read.

    And the blurb from the people who "own" it. Our disease is mentioned, on the left sidebar.

    I got my Biotin here...

    Take a look at the Ampyra website...

    They "own" extended release 4-AP.

    But then you can get it cheap here.

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