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AMN and muscle growth

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to figure something out for a while and I wonder if some of you might have an answer. Obviously working out and exercising are, I think, one of the best ways we can try to fight AMN's progression and remain active. I've been wondering if the fact of having addison's would prevent or slow attempts at growing more muscle. Muscles need protein to grow and the cortisone/prednisone (etc) supplements most of us take break down proteins and lead to muscle wasting. So from what I've been reading if one wanted to (most)successfully work out, the lower the dose the best it would be. I realize that's a double edged sword because that would also mean less energy.. On some forums I've read some people with addison's were just incapable of growing stronger muscles. Did anyone manage to? I haven't been working out long enough to know for sure but it does feel like progress is slow compared to my younger years.



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Francois2888, this is a good question.

Here is the short answer.....

I don't know.

Here is the long answer.....

I walk a lot, I cycle as much as I can. Keep meaning to go down the gym and hit the machines.

With exercise, combined with TENS/FES, I rebuilt the muscle in my atrophied, right calf.

God, I used to love TENS. Burns me every time now. Can't use it now.

I don't have Addisons, and I've never tried to put on muscle in my life. When I was 21, I worked as a cycle courier in London. 10 hours on the road every day, even then I didn't build any muscle.

I lost 15 kilos in one year, I don't know if that was the AMN. I read that rapid weight loss is a hallmark of our disease.

It could just as well have been the Modafinil. It kills my appetite.

We need more answers on this, but I believe it is more than building muscle.

There is a saying in neuroscience "If it fires, it wires".

Like it says here:

Though, maybe the next link is more relevant:

We need more input on this.



I have Addisons and I train regularly it is hard work but you need to push yourself as it sometimes feels like a losing battle! Protein is needed but with our bladder use protein bars! I think we'll never be body builders but its good to get in shape, I train harder before going on holiday I use a cross trainer every day then weights every other day plus you'll feel better for it!

All the best


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