No more pain

This is for all the ladies with pain in their lower spine and back. I was in pain everyday and every minute of every day. Some times extreme depending on my activities. At my last annual neurologist appointment in Boston, I was discussing my pain with a intern working for Dr. Eichler. The intern suggested that I try taking "Gabapentin" generic for Neurotin.

Well I now live Pain Free! Only if I do something stupid like trying to lift something too heavy, I am not in pain anymore.. I only take 1 100mg pill at night. (They prescribed 3 capsules at 3 times a day). This medicine comes with warnings not to drive or operate machinery. Only 100mg has changed my life..

Ask your doctor if this could be an option for you. This interns idea has changed my life.

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  • Hi! I've been taking Gabapentin for years...actually 1800 mgs. a day and they don't help with my back pain at all. I take them for the neuropathy in my legs and it doesn't even help with that so much anymore. Sure wish there was something for this pain...

  • I am afraid it doesn't help my back pain either and I can only take it in small doses.

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