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Adrenal fatigue

Folks, this is very interesting.

Pantothenic acid is vitamin B5.

Pantethine is Pantethine (bis-pantethine or co-enzyme pantethine) is a dimeric form of pantetheine, which is produced from pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) by the addition of cysteamine. (Wikipedia).

I got onto this lurking about chronic fatigue message boards.

I'm already taking B5 (though this doctor recommends a higher than my high dose) and he says to take it with Pantethine, which I'll now have to source.  I'll give it a go.

My hormone levels are low, but the doctor says I don't need supplementation yet.  I suspect the adrenal glands are responsible for my crushing fatigue.   Though, reading the tales of woe on the CFS message boards I got it easy.

I'll post more later.

Be well, comrades.  Be well.

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