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Nuisance poster removed!

A number of you, along with me, received a nuisance message over the weekend from someone called "lovereal". There was at least one nuisance post on my recent continence blog as well.

These kinds of nuisance intrusions are, I suspect, not uncommon on sites like ours, where registration is not vetted in any way. I will be talking to HealthUnlocked about whether there is anything that can prevent it in future. I suspect that the only way to do that would be to have a system of human approval of new members, which may not be easy to do.

Anyway, sorry for the problem and I will let you know what transpires.


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Hi Chris -

Thanks so much for this note ... I was notified by them, too, and deleted it. I was waiting to see if another attempt was made prior to contacting you. It has not, and now you've taken care of that!

Thanks again for beiong on top of things!



Thanks Chris,

I deleted it also They are finding sneakier ways to trawl

Kind Regards

Aussie Bob


Thanks Chris. I got this as well, I suppose we all did..

It's one of those things and I am happy to ignore and delete.



Thanks Chris, I got it as well and it kind of worried me till I saw your post.



Damn! I thought it was just my lovely picture and sparkling wit that had unsurprisingly wooed a lady, oh well....


Seriously, no real problem K


I got it too and just deleted it...x


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