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Had the day off work today, went and got some Lyrica just for something to do.  I don't even bother with my neurologist these days, just go to a GP and tell him I have AMN.  

Very high spasticity/fatigue week.  I've been not taking Modafinil for breakfast and instead taking it around 2pm.  It is worth it just for the transformation.  Amazing that I lived with fatigue for years.  Finding a spot for an afternoon nap was part of my daily grind.  Modafinil stopped all that.

So, I've posted before about all the antioxidants/supplements I am taking and there is one, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, ALCAR.  I am going to drastically up the dosage of it.

Here is a quote...

Carnitine appears to be somewhat effective in reducing fatigue in elderly persons with low muscular endurance and perhaps in chronic fatigue syndrome; there is insufficient evidence to support a role of carnitine in reducing exercise-induced fatigue.

That's from examine.com/supplements/l-c...


Some symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis are noted to be reduced with carnitine ingestion.

This one from Wikipedia..

It has been suggested that ALCAR may have potential as a drug for treating peripheral neuropathic pain.One way through which ALCAR may accomplish this is by helping regenerate injured or stunted nerves via the release of nerve growth factor.


Comparison of the effects of acetyl L-carnitine and amantadine for the treatment of fatigue in multiple sclerosis: results of a pilot, randomised, double-blind, crossover trial.

That trial was 2grams of ALCAR per day.


Carnitine for fatigue in multiple sclerosis.

Insufficient evidence in this trial.

But I like this one...

Exploratory open label, randomized study of acetyl- and propionylcarnitine in chronic fatigue syndrome.


Acetylcarnitine and propionylcarnitine showed beneficial effect on fatigue and attention concentration. Less improvement was found by the combined treatment. Acetylcarnitine had main effect on mental fatigue and propionylcarnitine on general fatigue.

You see what I am getting at with all this.  ALCAR is a fantastic antioxidant, plenty of evidence that it is safe, good for neuropathic pain, muscle weakness, fatigue and spasticity.

I have a couple of kilos.  I am going to increase my dose to the 2g per day range, see what it does for my fatigue.  The Modafinil is working just fine, but plainly it it just masking the fatigue.  What the hell is going on inside my body?  I am falling apart.

It is amazing how every day I dose up and face the world, staggering about, tired as hell.


Pharmacological enhancement of peripheral nerve regeneration in the rat by systemic acetyl-L-carnitine treatment.

ALCAR significantly enhances the regenerative capacity of neurons that survive peripheral nerve trauma, in addition to its known neuroprotective effects

That study was at 50mg per Kg per day.  That would weigh in at 3.5 grams for me.

Here is one more...


ALCAR not only increases the number of regenerating nerve fibres but also morphologically improves the quality of regeneration and target organ reinnervation. Adjuvant ALCAR treatment may improve both sensory and motor outcomes and merits further investigation.

That was at the same 50mg per kg per day.

And, here we go, somebody has patented ALCAR..

Acetyl-carnitine for use in a method for increasing neurogenesis in neural tissue 


The invention described herein is directed to the use of acetyl L- carnitine, or propionyl L-carnitine, or a salt thereof, for preparing a medicament for increasing neurogenesis in neural tissue; in which said increased neurogenesis is useful for preventing central nervous system disorders due to ageing or genetic predisposition.

Genetic predisposition, that's me.  This patent talks about 4g per day

Cheap, over the counter, safe, and all that.  That is my concluding sentence.

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What is the acetly L part of the whole equation? I have been taking Carnitine for awhile now along with ALA but I switched that to RLA because it is twice as potent as the ALA. Apparently I need to up my dosages a LOT. 

Thanks for sharing all the info


Hello Deengo.

Is it regular Carnitine you take?  Or ALCAR?

I'd never heard of RLA, thanks a lot.  Where do you buy yours?


Yes I've been taking just regular L-carnitine for awhile now 500mg/day. I'm going to up the dosage until I get ALCAR. I get all my vitamins and supplements through vitacost. It's free 1-2 day shipping and good prices. I'm going to shop around and order ALCAR today. I also take N-A-C (Acetyl-L-Cysteine)


Vitacost has ALPHA LIPOIC ACID & ACETYL L-CARNITINE HCI 1600 mg for $9.49 by one get one 50% off


Powder City for me.  


Vitacost 250g=$22.59

Powder City 250g = $13.49


Vitacost 120 X 300mg capsules = $11.49 36grams total

Powder 120 X 300mg capsules = $10.62 36grams total

Bulk powder, Powder City 100 grams bulk powder = $16.39

I buy bulk powder and make my own casules.

Pure Bulk ripped me off. Don't bother with them.   Sent $100 and they claim I never ordered.  I'm looking into who to report it to.

I'm taking 13 different supplements. All at maximum daily dose. I'm reading up. First I'll up the ALCAR, next I'll up the Coenzyme Q10. 

Some stuff I am taking for remyelination, like Lions Mane and CDP Choline, If I don't show any serious improvement after one year, I'll stop.

I'll add Tocopherol next.  Tried to buy from the idiots at Pure Bulk, I'll probably buy from Puritan, they do the buy 2 get 3 free deals.  The scientific papers that studied VLCFA causing inflammation all used Tocopherol as an antioxidant.

I'm not cured, but my mood is excellent, a lot of these substances like Centrophenoxine and ALCAR are proven to elevate mood.  My body is wrecked, but my mind is excellent.

It is my hope that these vitamins, antioxidants and nootropics will protect my brain from the onslaught of VLCFA.  I'm keeping a very close eye on my brain lesions.

Since I'm plugging vendors, I'll mention mod4all.com Received some Modafinil and 4-AP-3-MeOH.  I love that site.

Deengo, what is your spasticity like?


Monkeybus just a quick question. What dosage amount of Alcar did you find to be effective? I've been taking 1000mg and I am wondering if that needs to go up. I do see some positive results at that dose but would like to know if 3000 would be more effective. I know all people are different when it comes to supplements but just trying to gather as much info as I can thanks .


Hello Seifert09 , I'm doing 3000mg of ALCAR about 4 times per day. So that'll be a whopping 12 grams I cannot recommend it more highly enough. I took 10g at one time last week, shocking headache, lasted all day. Not planning to repeat that any time soon.

What I am getting from the ALCAR is exactly what I thought I'd get from the antioxidants. I'm not giving up on the vitamins any time soon though.

I'll post more about all of this this weekend when I have a spare moment.


Thank you for the info.


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