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I am diagnosed with osteoporosis, so am learning all that I can to improve bone scores. I just also learned that I have Hyperparathyroidism and that that can be a part of my problem, as that will cause much leaching of calcium from bones. I am having a parathyroid scan done in 2 days, so am anxious. While I don't love the idea of surgery, it is true that with removing an enlarged parathyroid gland, or one with an adenoma, the body can then rebuild bone to a certain extent. I will share my journey.

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It sounds like you have good healthcare providers. Best of luck with this journey.


Hi Poodles4mom, thank you for joining us and sharing your story. I'm sharing some links to resources on the American Bone Health website for you and others to learn more about your condition.

Hyperparathyroidism is indeed recognized as a "secondary cause" of osteoporosis ("primary" being normal estrogen loss after menopause). americanbonehealth.org/bone...

Here's an explanation of how the thyroid helps regulate calcium levels: americanbonehealth.org/nutr...

Have you had bone density testing specifically linked to the hyperparathyroidism? This would have been done on your forearm: americanbonehealth.org/bone...

Have you discussed with your doctor how to treat your osteoporosis to prevent further bone loss and fractures? What did they suggest? americanbonehealth.org/bone...

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I thin my only scanning was my hips, but I may only be remembering those scores because they are so bad!! I will call my Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctor. I am still awaiting the answers to my Sestamibi scan ( hopefully I've spelled that correctly). I was told on Friday, my scan day, that only 80% of these scans show all that is needed. I remain hopeful!!

I am very small-boned, so I feel that my wrist scans would be low. Last year I reached out to catch myself in a fall and really broke my right wrist badly.


Meant "think" in my first line. My subconscious must be on my "thin" bones..


My results on my Sestamibi scan found no adenomas, which is indeed a relief. I am to have the PTH checked again via bloodwork in 3 months. I am taking a lot of D3 as I have read that that can suppress the PTH somewhat. Hopefully that is true. The D3 can't hurt!!


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