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Hi all I have now lost 90% of my hair with no signs of regrowth. I got my husband to trim the remaining straggly bits off. I saw my dermatologist a month ago, all he could offer was a strong course of steroids which he said may or may not help, and, even if there was some hair growth it could all fall out again when I stopped the steroids. I couldn't face that possibility so declined. He remains convinced that it would grow back given time although he was surprised at the extent of hair loss since my previous appointment. Has anyone had any luck with anything else? I have tried minoxidil, alocon lotion and am taking biotin but nothing has helped so far.

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did he not check your ferrting serum and iron, your b12, vitmamin d3 and cortisol levels...?you have to do that before diagnosis....otherwise it is a guess.....and hormones being off can cause it too...high or low testosterone, dht, low estrogen or high , low progesterone low need these test ran


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