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Sevredol alternative

Hi everyone. Can anyone recommend an alternative to sevredol morphine tablets. My gp has jigged about my meds recently but I'm wanting to change my sevredol as I think my body has got used to it. As you all know fibromyalgia is a damn nightmare to live with,. It just seems to be a new pain everyday lately. Hope someone can suggest something.

Tia Debbs.

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Hi Debbs

Nice to hear from you and meet you here online

I'm afraid you may not like my answer, as research shows that many of the stronger opioids have little to no effect long term with Fibromyalgia, due to a physical lack of opioid receptors in our brains.

Many have an initial effect with then no long term benefits or a tolerance to it (as you mentioned) - DR's think the benefit does not outway the side effects which is why many will not subscribe strong Opioids to Fibro patients.

Quote from research for information only (2012)

The data leads researchers to speculate that some individuals with fibromyalgia may have a down-regulation or decrease in opioid receptor activity that may exaggerate pain sensitivity. Moreover, these same individuals are likely to not benefit from opioid medications as they may have fewer functioning receptors.

However, there are other medications to look into with the help of your Dr as to what you can take now and what you can after weaning off the Severdol if you wish to.

Have you tried any of the ones listed on this NHS page ?

I take Pregabalin, Duloxetine, Pramiprexole and Tramadol as my main medications. Tramadol is apparently the only exception to the rule on Opioids as it works in a different way (pharmacology) as it has a Serotonin pathway according to research.

Please know that I am passing on this information purely to try to help you to get maximum benefit and symptom relief without the worrying side effects of a strong opioid like Morphine which is not providing the pain relief it once was.

There's been much research in using medications that help regulate the chemicals in the brain to help the symptoms rather than pain relief for the symptoms. It's kind of like sticking a plaster over a gaping wound but not trying to treat the wound.

I think you should maybe consider speaking with your DR about a medication review, referral to a pain clinic or even another referral to a Rheumatologist to discuss what it better for you long term.

I honestly and sincerely wanted to give you this information to help get your symptoms under control - sorry if it is not really what you want to hear at the moment.

Best Wishes



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