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Hi all. Hope u r all keeping ok. Well my new pain this week is my thumbs,and both of them. It just seems to be one thing after another. This damn fibromyalga is a pain, excuse the pun. It just seems to be one thing after another as we all know this. I take sevredol morphine tablets, and pregabalin, fentynal patches, and lidocaine patches. Can anyone recommend any other morphine substitute. Would be grateful of Amy advice. Cheers debbs. 😃

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You are on a lot of meds now. I use Zonisamide 100 mg three times a day. Have fibro and polymyalgia and all four arthritis's,5 back surgeries, several foot, ect. Sed rate was 90's. Normal is 0-4, Dr's will accept a 40 with anyone with Fibro as o.k. in my Dr's opinon. ( former nurse) still pt. Was started on four 100 mg caps then downed to three a day, myself. do not like taking meds. was on morphine 60mg 3 x day, tried the patch, allergic to the adhesive, like to be off any controlled meds as long as I can. I know its tough, but triple cream or PLO gel helps my hands a lot. They lock up on me more often lately, takes 2-3 minutes to unstiffen them. But that's life. I always know their are others a lot worse off. exercising hurts but I feel worse when I don't. Can't now D/t cracked ribs, but look forward to it. You are in my Prayers. Good luck, God Bless.


Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look into the meds you mentioned. Yeah it's alot of pain I'm in. Yeah i think the same that there are people who are in worse pain than me, but that don't make me feel any better and I'm sure u feel the same. The pain has got worse and worse over the years. I've had numerous ops on my knees even 1dr broke My leg to relignin it and bolted it but that's just made it worse. 2 ops on my shoulder now pain is worse. Now diagnosed with fibromyalga hence the mega list of meds. My whole body hurts 24/ 7. Arghhhhh I could scream.

Debbs 😃


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