New to Fibromyalgia

New to Fibromyalgia

Hi everyone - I haven't officially had my diagnosis yet but my doctor is pretty sure this is what I have and have had for many years (I'm 51) but I just haven't put two and two together. I've gone from being able to run marathons and climb mountains (!!) to almost nothing. The big thing for me is joint pain and tiredness, I also get a little muddled which isn't nice. I'm sat at work at the moment - I get in early so I have to chance to try and sort myself out. My hips, hands and back are horrid today - constant ache - and I'm so tired. My hands are also tingling today which is annoying when I'm trying to type I keep making mistakes. Can anyone tell me - is it wise to tell your employers? I do get a bit fed up of living on painkillers. I'm already on Fluoxetine and that keeps me kind of level. Would love to hear from someone.

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  • Hate to say it but should you be putting yourself through this at all? I have worked all my life and I am 47 but I can't drive due to the pain and because of the tablets I am and can only manage a short time on the PC because my hands and fingers seize up. I am now having to face the fact that I will have to retire early due to ill health.

  • Please go find a Lyme literate doctor on You have the same symptoms Ihad and it was Lyme. Do not bother with your regular doctor. I am anew person after 2 yrs of treatment. 3 weeks of doxycycline wont kill it and that is what your tegular doc will say if you are lucky to be positive. But the tests are poor so there are 70 % false negatives. Lyme causes auto immune diseases. Please watch "under our skin" and under our skin 2 emergence". This will change your life. The other possible disgnosis is fungal sensitivity. Similar symptoms. If you find a Lyme Literate MD, they can help. Best wishes. Reach out to me if you want help.

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