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Hello all. I am home finally from ablation on 3/25. I am feeling well, heart is beating well, no pain. I have to say I am very lucky to have the cardiologist, EP and you guys to guide me. I am praying everything stays this way!!!! I have to say I have had NO pain what so ever!!! Thank God!!!! I know I have to wait to see the full outcome but that's ok. I am tender in some areas but nothing requiring pain meds. I am truly amazed. I have been in NSR since the procedure ended. I will be on tikosyn, cardizem and aspirin for 6 months then he will see about taking me off the meds. That is the next big step!!! I pray you all are doing well also!!!!

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So Glad to hear you are back home and feeling better. I know after my ablation I wondered why I was so nervous about having it. It's great that you aren't having any pains from the procedure. I think that the pain meds make you feel worse than the surgery ever would.

Keep un updated on how it's going!

Praying for continued NSR and a quick recovery.



Congratulations, glad to hear all went SO well. xx Patti


Great to hear everything went so well. It is an amazing procedure.


Well done and please do take it very easy. I know that it is tempting to think that is it but a slow gentle return to normal activity does pay dividends from my experience.. Please don't worry if you do get some funnies over the next few weeks as it does take about three months for the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses to form. More and more people are getting good results from their first ablation so well done again.



SO glad that all went well,and hope that it continues to get even better Ann x


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