Ablation blog part 6: home !

My ablation was late Thursday afternoon. I had an echo scan Friday morning and resumed my meds and I was discharged that afternoon after the necessary paperwork and do and don'ts list . Do have a shower the next day do relax and put your feet up literally , don't lift anything don't drive for 48hrs, do anything strenuous or lift anything , don't have a bath. Basically , listen to your body . so Friday night came and went , felt a bit scared that I didn't have the safety net of the monitor next to my bed reassuring me that I was still in nsr , but after 2 sleepless nights I was too tired to worry . Saturday I felt like I'd been run over by a steam roller . Everything hurt . I felt like I had flu . Dreadful . Shuffled around like a 120 year old ! Managed the shower as the nurse said I'd feel better , wrong ! But I'm cleaner ! Feet up , catch up TV , fish and chip supper , lots of tea . My partner thinks tea fixes everything ! Typical man . And took paracetamol . Placebo effect more like . But this morning I've woken up a different person , I see light at the end of the tunnel ! I actually feel like moving ! So I'm off for a little walk to the paper shop , then I can come back and put my feet up , small steps as they say . I'm taking 3 weeks off work as I'm on my feet for 81/2 hrs a day running around an airport . Got a doc appt for next week to sort out a sick note . So I'm going to use my time wisely clearing out the rubbish on my computer , well , after I've painted the bedroom , clipped back the garden , caught up with friends ................best intentions , I know ,!

Tips: things to take into hospital . Mouthwash , you can't always get out of bed and brush your teeth. Lip balm, so dry in there ! Phone I pad chargers , I forgot mine , had to borrow. Eye mask ear plugs or you'll never ever sleep. Hand cream , baby wipes , ladies leave all your rings etc at home and take off nail varnish , yes, I forgot that too !

I've done this blog to give all of you going in an account of my journey , yours will be slightly different no doubt but the destination will be the same. Would I do it again ? Yes ! Onwards and upwards , I will post again !

Good luck


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  • Copying list....

  • How far away from hospital do you live? We will have a three hour drive, thinking maybe we should stay in the area for a day, near (but not WITH) daughter and family. What was the instruction if you have a bleed?

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, best wishes!

  • I was told "A and E" do not pass go if I had a bleed. Glad to say that didn't happen.

  • I live on the south coast near Christchurch , my partner lives in farnborough , still a good hour from Harefield re M3 M25 M40 ! The only instruction I had regarding a bleed was to apply pressure and elevate . They were more insistent that lumps should not be ignored as these could lead to clots and in that case , get to A &E . So far so good , but the bruising is now coming out . Not a good look !

  • Well done. Told you it was easy!


  • Lisa, thank you so much for the serialisation of your ablation experience. I loved it!

    Very best wishes for an AF-free future.

  • Glad to hear you are home and being looked after. Best wishes for continuing recovery and a long term successful outcome. Heather

  • Blimey lisa, you can walk to the papershop?? Take it easy hun, mind you u must be feeling better, i hope my recovery is as quick as yours, ive got two teenage kids to look after on my own as well. Hoping they will look after me but i doubt it lol. Take it easy lisa, small steps..

  • It's only 1/2 a mile round trip and after 2 days I needed to get out . Just a gentle stroll with my dog and will do it again today . That's my goal everyday this week . And if I feel like it , once more round the block ! Listen to your body . Get your kids involved , they can order the takeaway !

  • Thank you Lisa for your lovely reports. Harefield is local to me so that is where I am going.

    Slightly off af topic ... did they let you use their wifi and recharge from their sockets freely? My tabletphone is very greedy battery wise.

  • Yes they have free wi fi, and you just plug your charger into the sockets above your head on the main ring . Easy . I downloaded beforehand a few programmes on I player to watch , gives your mind something else to think about !

  • I was diagnosed withAF 5 years ago -, had a stroke Dec 2010 having been taken off warfarin due to heart in NSR when I went in for a cardio versions ( it didn't go ahead because of NSR obviously) but maybe a hyper monitor would have shown I was pinging in & out of AF.

    So now am awaiting catheter ablation for atrial flutter in October.

    I am reading so much on here about ablation for AF I really do not know which is the best way forward - obviously there are risks but there are so many success stories on here - not sure how it weighs out .....

  • I too had a stroke which was the beginning of my a fib journey . I weighed up all the pros and cons and now looking back it was the best decision . I am 10 days post ablation and walking 2 miles a day , I feel really good .

  • Thanks for that 😀

  • Brill blog Lisa. Am writing down all that I will need to take in for my ablation.

    Hope mine goes as well.

  • Thank you for your entertaining and informative blog, Lisa. I don't qualify for an ablation, as I understand it, but other success stories are always cheering. Keep up the good progress. JanR

  • So helpful,, thank you and very best wishes.

  • My dilemma is whether to pursue the ablation route for AF or not - already had a stroke in Dec 2010 due to the AF and not being anti- coagulated - but suspect the AF has been around on & off for many years

  • I didn't know I had a fib when I had a stroke so I was on no drugs at all . The a fib was diagnosed the same time I had a stroke . Looking back I think I must have developed a fib several weeks prior to the stroke , hindsight is wonderful ! I'd still like to know how I got a fib tho

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