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Home again after successful cardioversion

Had my third ablation done at the end of June, had a wonderful two weeks of no symptoms at all so was beginning to plan holidays with my OH as we haven't had one for four years, and think of all the other lovely things I could do now as it seemed I'd got my life back, at last. The EP who did my PVI said that although they had tried to stimulate AF during the procedure they hadn't managed it so he was cautiously confident that this one had worked.

However ... back in atrial tachycardia/fast AF over a week ago, which went on for long enough for me to present at A&E last Saturday as I was exhausted by then. My OH, sensible man, insisted I pack a bag, which was sound advice as I admitted to the cardiac ward and kept on Bisoprolol to see if I would go into nsr spontaneously. Eventually they decided on a cardioversion yesterday, which was successful, so over a week in fast AF with all the attendant weariness that goes with it, plus feeling despondent at yet another possibly unsuccessful ablation.

It feels so good to be back in sinus rhythm after feeling so unwell, but have to say the nursing staff were wonderful, couldn't have received better care but would much rather this hadn't happened.

My follow up with the EP etc isn't until December (never three months like they always say it will be) so will see what they decide when I see the team then. If this was just a blip it won't be just me who will be delighted, my whole family has had to endure the worry and stress this condition has caused over the years, with me in and out of hospital and having to cancel things at the very last minute as yet again it popped up at the most inopportune times.

My thoughts are with all of you in whatever stage of the journey you are in in this mad, mad world of AF, and wish you all the best with whatever you have to contend with.

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I had to have DCCVs for atrial tachycardia about a month into my last two ablations so not uncommon. Now enjoy your holiday.


Thanks Bob, that's encouraging to know. I had your advice in mind to keep me optimistic before the 3rd PVI, so will do the same now.


Really sorry to hear that things aren't going well. I think that you're local to me (Cheltenham) and so assume you had it at the JR like me. Had mine 12 weeks ago and had bad bouts of AF up to 9 weeks after the ablation, but things are a bit more settled now so don't be too despondent - its still early days and it could well just be a blip. All the best. Nigel


Hi Nigel, thanks for your supportive post. Yes, all done at the JR and I know there's plenty of time to assess whether or not this one has done the trick.

I hope you have seen the last of the AF now and can enjoy life to the full again.

Best wishes, Kate


I soo feel for you, it is a tough journey we travel. It is wonderful when we are symptom free and experience "normal life", am sure other people don't understand how it feels to not notice ones heart (racing or not), I felt so tired and exhausted when I was left in fast AF for 1 week after ablation - welcomed the cardioversion.

Had my 2nd ablation 10 weeks ago, minor symptoms - so hopeful I can enjoy 14 day cruise I am booked on!!! But still worry major AF will occur.

Wishing you all the luck in the world, you deserve to life to the full




Hi Gill, thank you for your post and support. You're right, so many people don't understand how it feels to have this condition and how it does leave you feeling weak and exhausted. It was wonderful to feel 'normal' again after the DCCV and not listen to the heart pumping away like a crazy thing (mad box of frogs just about explains it!).

I hope you enjoy your cruise now and have a wonderful time away.

All the best, Kate

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